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Product Spotlight

available from ByAllAccounts
ByAllAccounts aggregates account data from virtually any online financial source, and then using our patented process, enhances, and normalizes the data into a reconciliation ready format that feeds into all the most popular back office systems. These systems include portfolio management systems,... Read more ›
available from FlexTrade Systems Inc.
MaxxTrader, a part of FlexTrade’s comprehensive FX Enterprise Solutions package, is a white label trading system for sell-side institutions operating in the foreign exchange markets. Designed to allow institutions to privately aggregate and issue price information to the markets and clientele,... Read more ›
available from Albridge Solutions
Albridge Wealth Reporting is a portfolio management system integrating portfolio accounting and performance reporting to deliver an accurate, single view of all of your clients' assets. Albridge consolidates client account data from hundreds of disparate sources-proprietary, banking, brokerage,... Read more ›

Top Companies

OptionsCity® is a financial technology company incepted in 2006 by three Chicago software professionals and friends who shared the same passion and vision for technology and options trading. Together, Hazem Dawani, Victor Glava, and Rudy Fasouliotis created a powerful, intuitive, and reliable product that would change the way traders conducted business. The founders brought their experience and drive from previous leading roles at a successful Chicago options trading company.
Albridge Solutions Inc., an affiliate of Pershing LLC, is a leading provider of enterprise solutions, custom technology and business consulting services to institutional and retail financial organizations and independent registered investment advisors. Albridge Solutions draws upon its financial services experience and technology expertise to help...
ByAllAccounts, Inc. enables the automated gathering of financial account data, which includes collecting balance, position, and transaction data from thousands of financial institutions. This aggregate reconciliation-ready data is then available for import directly into Portfolio Management and Trust Accounting Systems. ByAllAccounts also offers...