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White Papers for Financial Information Technology

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Why All Organizations Need to Manage and Archive Social Media
by Smarsh
This white paper discusses the various risks that organizations face from unmanaged use of social media. It also offers advice on how organizations can mitigate these risks while at the same time realizing the competitive advantages that the use of social media can offer....

Have You Outgrown Your Portfolio Management System?
by Advent Software
Technology has empowered the investment management industry to grow exponentially over the last 30 years. But with that growth has come enormous complexity—a proliferation of instruments, 24-hour trading, accelerated settlement cycles, worldwide variations in accounting standards, tighter and often...

Fast, Efficient Reconciliation: How Asset Managers Can Improve Operations
by Morningstar, Inc.
No matter your industry, Big Data is a hot topic. With multiple information sources, systems and requirements come increased complexity, risk and opportunity. Never before has the financial industry had so much data to work with—and such a need to manage it efficiently.The data management problems...

The Myths of GIPS®: Money-Weighted Returns for Client Performance Reporting
by Albridge Solutions
When measuring performance, results can differ depending on whether money-weighting or time-weighting is used. The time-weighted Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) are often viewed as an industry best practice. As a result, GIPS are often applied to all business models. However,...

Build vs. Buy: Why Sharepoint Doesn’t Meet Document Control Demands for Quality and Compliance
by IBS America, Inc.
Although SharePoint provides features that you can use to build out your own rudimentary documentmanagement system, the costs of programming and IT support, maintenance and training as well as thepossible legal ramifications due to the lack of verifiable audit trail make using SharePoint or...

Essentials of CRM for Wealth Management
by Pivotal CRM
Learn how wealth management firms can use CRM to build relationships as trusted advisors, maximize share of wallet, and increase productivity, contributing torevenues while gaining usable insight....

Creating more effective operational reporting environments for private investments - April, 2012
by eFront
This white paper, written by Carol Penhale, President and Founder of Bedford Park Associates, and sponsored by eFront, examines how the industry should: Prioritize needs:- external reporting versus internal reporting,- Cultivate a more robust operational environment for reporting,- Create the...

Forrester Research: Evaluating Innovative I&O Solutions: Converged Application Performance Managemen
by Nastel Technologies, Inc.
IT complexity is the major underlying theme of the years to come for infrastructure and operations.I&O teams have attempted to abstract this complexity with virtualization, cloud computing and SaaS,and virtual data centers. These solutions all attempt to mask the inherent complexity of...