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  • Active position management

    It's a bumpy road ahead: volatility is the new reality. 'Buy and hold' is history. As markets cover more ground, thousands of scenarios come into play. How do you react? Front Arena takes real-time position management to a new level. Dynamic Position Control reveals all market risks and... Read More
  • Adaptiv 360

    Adaptiv 360 provides pricing and trade capture across multiple asset classes. It has a robust middle office risk engine that calculates metrics consistently and provides comprehensive, audited life cycle processing. The back office functionality is customizable, extensible, and has fully... Read More
  • Adaptiv Analytics

    Adaptiv Analytics provides a framework for distributing complex portfolio-level risk calculations across a grid of servers thus allowing a bank to meet stringent business timing requirements. By utilising modern technologies the solution supports extensibility in trade and portfolio models... Read More
  • Adaptiv Collateral

    Adaptiv Collateral collects and measures counterparty credit exposures to determine accurate collateral requirements in real- time. It then helps you meet outstanding exposure responsibilities, record new positions and notify people and systems across the organisation. Too many departments... Read More
  • Adaptiv Credit Risk

    Adaptiv Credit Risk measures, manages and controls counterparty credit exposure in real-time, cross-asset and globally. The system supports a global limits regime which releases great operational efficiencies for the bank. Process automation further improves user productivity. Read More
  • Adaptiv Operations

    Adaptiv Operations builds on SunGard’s strength and wealth of experience in the operations area, providing back office modules that offer organizations an unprecedented level of proactive operations management and process control from the front through to the back office. Adaptiv Operations... Read More
  • Apex: A next generation global solution for front, middle and back office processing of securities

    Securities finance is unlike any other market. The many nuances and variations of this largely bi-lateral, cross-market business make it a challenging process for IT to address. Agreeing a ‘trade’ is only part of the picture, the operational lifecycle of multiple securities finance... Read More
  • Asset-Backed Securities

    Asset-backed securities proliferated in the boom: it's now clear that in some places there was insufficient control over many of these instruments. Front Arena for Asset Backed Securities gives you a complete workflow to help you monitor opportunities and control risks in trading. Bringing... Read More
  • Astec Analytics: Market information solutions for the global securities financing industry

    Knowledge is power. The more you know about the dynamics of the market, the better the decisions you make. SunGard's Astec Analytics delivers valuable market information and benchmarking tools to financial institutions involved in securities borrowing and lending. Drawing on the world's most... Read More
  • Automation and processing

    Multiple systems with ad-hoc connections and complex workflows increase costs and hide risks. How do you outmanoeuvre failed trades, operational errors and poor automation? Front Arena's configurable, event-driven, exception-monitoring processing drives automation: Position Control. One... Read More
  • Convertible Bonds

    Front Arena for Convertible BondsTrading or investing in convertible bonds can create an extra level of complexity for your systems. Behaving as bonds but closely correlated to equities, convertibles have complicated terms and conditions that need to be monitored. The return of some... Read More
  • Credit

    Although some institutions lost control of the writing, trading and risk profiling of credit derivatives, trading volume remains and positions and risks still need to be hedged. The focus is increasingly on plain vanilla contracts, the coming of exchange-traded derivatives and on anticipating... Read More
  • Enterprise trading control

    Hidden exposures have wrecked profitability and shattered balance sheets across the industry. The days of driving blind are over: now you need to see your position clearly. Can you steer your business safely? Front Arena gives you unparalleled insight into all exposures across your trading... Read More
  • Equities

    Post-crisis, few firms still have the appetite for the complicated, expensive systems that emerged, often by accident, during the long bull market. Customers, shareholders and regulators are now looking to firms to demonstrate better control of equities trading - to enhance performance,... Read More
  • Fixed Income

    Fixed income is changing fast. The flight from complexity in the markets is being mirrored by a move toward stronger, simpler systems and the most robust risk monitoring. Position Control is the priority - in plain vanilla and complex instruments, on exchanges, trading venues and OTC. Yet... Read More
  • FX, MM and FX Options

    Volatility in exchange rates is creating a surge of new instruments, while volumes are putting pressure on systems and traders. New participants such as asset managers and corporates are looking to hedge currency risk - even retail investors can now play in the FX markets - many are using... Read More
  • Global One: International trade processing, trade operational lifecycle and reporting solutions

    SunGard’s Global One provides flexible, integrated solutions to help meet the needs of the international securities financing business. From plug-and-play parameter driven software to transaction processing, this platform provides tools to efficiently manage your securities operations. Global... Read More
  • Hybrids and Structures

    Mishandling and misunderstanding of complex securities was at the heart of the financial crisis. But there are still millions of instruments adding value to trading positions out there: valuing, monitoring and trading in them is a priority. Yet with a new focus on risk and the right controls in... Read More
  • Interest Rate Derivatives

    Interest rate volatility is putting new pressure on derivatives desks that manage high-volume trading of vanilla instruments. There is a move away from complex structured products and a new, forensic focus on risk. At the same time regulatory change is on the horizon - increasing pressure to... Read More
  • iWorks BPM

    The insurance industry is focused on Operational Transformation to: reduce complexity, costs, risk, and drive revenue through sales and distribution effectiveness. Insurers are taking a hard look at their global enterprise as an ‘ecosystem’, a value chain that has both internal and external... Read More
  • iWorks Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM)

    SunGard’s iWorks Enterprise Incentive Management system (EIM) helps administer distribution and compensation for your insurance business. This platform facilitates essential practices from compensation plan design to processing and payout. By managing distribution from start to finish, EIM can... Read More
  • iWorks Financial Accounting

    SunGard’s iWorks Enterprise Accounting System (EAS) integrates with other systems to provide a central analysis and reporting repository. EAS is designed to help meet a range of accounting needs, to access, manage, and report financial data, and to help adapt operations in support of new lines... Read More
  • iWorks Investments

    SunGard iWorks Investments provides the software you need to streamline your investment accounting processes. iWorks Investment solutions help save time and improve accuracy by integrating with internal and external systems including securities trading, market data vendors, bank custodians and... Read More
  • iWorks Prophet

    iWorks Prophet is a leading risk management platform used by the financial services industry around the world to model companies’ financial business. Prophet’s enterprise architecture provides the power and performance for models to run in a secure and controlled environment and fits in with... Read More
  • iWorks Statutory

    The EAS Statutory Reporting Module makes filing more efficient. To meet the filing needs of your business, this software supports the financial exhibits for annual and quarterly Property & Casualty, Life, Health, and Fraternal statements. In addition, the Statutory Reporting Module works with... Read More
  • Loanet: US Domestic trade processing, trade operational lifecycle and reporting solutions

    Loanet brings together the largest community of securities finance lenders and borrowers and offers an extensive suite of solutions for the North American securities lending market. Loanet helps broker-dealers, custodian banks, agent lenders and other market participants manage their entire... Read More
  • Martini: International securities lending and repo trading solution

    SunGard’s Martini provides integrated global trading and operations support for financial institutions worldwide. With a scalable, adjustable interface, Martini adapts to the needs of investment banks, broker-dealers and hedge funds with ease. A global, real-time platform for an institution’s... Read More
  • Portfolio Accounting

    VPM’s dual-entry general ledger provides control over every aspect of hedge fund portfolio accounting, including the power to handle multiple currencies within user-defined accounts and posting rules. Portfolio managers can link multiple strategies for any asset class all the way down to... Read More
  • Third Party Interfaces

    VPM is fully integrated with other SunGard solutions for Alternative Investments giving you a unique partnership with your vendor and the advantage of SunGard’s market strength. Standard interfaces are also in place with other technology systems and data feeds to further support a hedge funds... Read More
  • Trade execution and price distribution

    Liquidity is fragmenting and your clients are demanding new ways to trade. Business is becoming more complicated - just when regulatory scrutiny is at its most intense. How do you respond? Front Arena delivers superior agility, helping you find and close on more opportunities than any other... Read More
  • VPM Professional Services

    By capitalizing on SunGard’s broad knowledge and understanding of complex accounting operations, process optimization and product implementation, VPM Professional Services aims at creating robust solutions engineered to meet the unique technical and business requirements of each customer. By... Read More
  • WorldLend: US domestic agency lending solution Suite

    WorldLend is designed for US-based agency lenders and custodians, providing a wide range of standard services while still offering SunGard custom solutions for clients’ unique needs. It can be implemented as an in-house solution or may be accessed remotely from a SunGard-managed site.... Read More

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