Survey: 73% of Sysadmins Clueless About Leveraging AI for Company Success

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IT admins acknowledge AI's transformative potential and aspire to enhance their AI skills, but the absence of organizational guidance hinders their full utilization of AI for success.

HOUSTON, July 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Action1 Corporation, a provider of the #1 risk-based patch management platform designed for work-from-anywhere enterprises, today released its 2023 AI Impact on Sysadmins: Survey Report, in conjunction with Sysadmin Appreciation Day. The survey, conducted in June 2023 with 560 IT administrators worldwide, offers valuable insights into their perceptions and concerns regarding AI's transformative potential in their roles.

Key findings:

  • IT admins acknowledge AI's impact on repeatable tasks like log analysis and patch management but recognize the significance of human judgment for complex decision-making and organizational context.
  • 63% of IT admins seek additional training for better AI integration understanding, while 47% express concern about being left behind by AI-literate peers.
  • 82% of respondents reveal their companies do not require AI implementation in their roles, and 73% lack understanding of strategic AI implementation.

"AI holds immense potential to free sysadmins from routine work and enhance their overall productivity," said Mike Walters, President and co-founder of Action1. "To fully leverage it, companies must allocate resources for identifying application and implementation areas for AI. Given IT departments' constrained resources and potential fatigue, it's vital to provide IT admins both with relevant training and convenient tools enabling them to automate current tasks."


  • Embrace a balanced approach: Explore AI's potential while considering its limitations compared to human expertise. Combining AI automation with human oversight ensures optimized results.
  • Encourage education: Provide comprehensive AI training programs for IT admins to effectively leverage AI and drive organizational success.
  • Bridge the gap: Actively implement AI strategies to align recognition with practical integration, enabling organizations to remain competitive in the digital era.

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Action1 is the #1 risk-based patch management platform for distributed networks trusted by thousands of global enterprises. Action1 helps to discover, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities in a single solution to prevent security breaches and ransomware attacks. It automates patching of third-party software and operating systems, ensuring continuous patch compliance and remediation of security vulnerabilities.

The company was founded by cybersecurity veterans Alex Vovk and Mike Walters, who previously founded Netwrix, which was acquired by TA Associates.

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