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  • Contracting, Licensing and Registration Solutions By RegEd

    Xchange, RegEd’s Enterprise Registration and Licensing solution, developed in collaboration with top industry firms, has been implemented in over 150 financial services firms across the nation. Xchange is unique in its ability to drive unparalleled operational efficiency and optimize all... Read More
  • CAMRA By SS&C Technologies, Inc.

    CAMRA™ is a flexible software application that streamlines, automates and simplifies the investment process by providing immediate access to decision-making data. CAMRA's multi-currency, multi-instrument portfolio accounting supports complex securities, sophisticated investment strategies,... Read More
  • Carrier-Neutral Interconnection By Telx

    Telx provides interconnection services to a global ecosystem of more than 1,000 leading telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers and enterprises. We enable more than 46,000 cross connections at our strategically located, carrier-neutral facilities. Telx’s Interconnect Portfolio is... Read More
  • Cause Marketing Exploration By Customer Insight Group, Inc.

    Cause Marketing is a powerful force. It satisfies your company’s desire to be a force for good, and at the same time, develops a more loyal and profitable customer base — all without resorting to heavy discounting! Customer Insight Group is a leading expert in Cause Marketing. With our Cause... Read More
  • CDS and Bonds Trading Solutions By CompatibL Technologies

    CompatibL offers comprehensive CDS and bonds trading solutions representing a set of modern technologies packed in a flexible interface. Called to guarantee automated performance of repeated bond and CDS operations (through various support tools), CompatibL trading solutions work with a wide... Read More
  • CDUnderwriter By Financial Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    CDUnderwriter provides a platform for institutions and underwriters to communicate and collaborate on CD issuance. Read More
  • Cell Site Optimization By Westell Technologies

    Westell’s tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs), an integral product suite in the cell site optimization solution, provide a cost-effective method for optimizing a cell site’s RF signal performance. A TMA is usually mounted on the top of a cell tower close to the antenna before the long cable run to... Read More
  • Central Office Access By Sidera Networks

    Sidera’s Central Office (CO) Access Service provides wholesale, high-bandwidth SONET private line connectivity to key Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) COs for carriers and service providers serving the enterprise market. SONET private lines can support multiple service types including... Read More
  • Charles River IMS Consulting By STP Investment Services

    STP has a wide range of operational and technical systems expertise in Charles River IMS with some highlights below: Version 9.0 upgrade expertise Workflow Engineering Implementation XML and Web Services Integration Accounting System Integration Compliance Security Classification Manager... Read More
  • Cincom Eloquence® By Cincom Systems, Inc.

    Cincom Eloquence is a highly intuitive, document automation software application that helps businesses easily design, deploy, deliver and manage high-volume, personalized customer communications. This eliminates manual processes, accelerates production time, lowers operating costs and... Read More
  • ClearancePro Processing Platform By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    ClearancePro is an integrated, value added ASP solution which enables complete end-to-end process management. The functionality encompasses customized processing, research, tracking, reporting, error handling and configurable workflow management tools. Capabilities in ClearancePro are organized... Read More
  • ClientLogix - Client Relationship Management (CRM) By UNAPEN, Inc.

    ClientLogix integrates your portfolio accounting data and other critical information from in-house spreadsheets or databases and third party systems to create a business intelligence platform designed for financial services. Read More
  • ClientRep - Automated & Customized Portfolio Reporting By UNAPEN, Inc.

    The ClientRep portfolio reporting solution seamlessly integrates and incorporates data from multiple sources, then automatically creates complete client statements that look like they were produced by a dedicated marketing and graphics team – but in a fraction of the time. Professional and... Read More
  • Cloud Computing Services By XO Communications

    Could services from XO Communications will help your business unify employees, secure business information and data, as well as improve the overall delivery of your IT service. XO Communications offerings include on-demand IT infrastructure, VoIP and security services. To learn more about cloud... Read More
  • Collateral Management By Calypso Technology

    More than ever, Collateral Management and Securities Finance workflows are intimately connected to each other and with clearing, funding, liquidity, credit and market risk, settlements, balance sheet and regulatory capital. Financial firms need a fully integrated trading and processing solution... Read More
  • Colocation By Sidera Networks

    Today's explosive data growth, coupled with an increasing number of government regulations to retain mountains of data, mean that businesses wind up storing data in space that is neither conditioned nor fit for server and communications equipment. Sidera enables a myriad of customers across... Read More
  • Commissions By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    Key Benefits: -Increases timeliness and accuracy of distribution fee / commission calculations -Increases automation and reduces operational costs -Full audit trail to aid regulatory compliance e.g. Sarbanes Oxley, MifID, RDR -Increase quality of service to external distribution... Read More
  • Communicator By Fascet LLC

    Post-Trade Network & Automation Management Increased dependence on multiple external parties such as prime brokers, custodians, and third party administrators makes it critical to gather, process, and communicate accurate post-trade data in a timely manner. Trade Communicator is a highly... Read More
  • CompatibL Analyst By CompatibL Technologies

    CompatibL Analyst is a complex front-end that provides full access to both data and code and called to serve the needs of quantitative analysts and business analysts dealing with various types of financial data. It has the same features and ease of use of a traditional technical computing... Read More
  • CompleteID By ID Insight, Inc.

    CompleteID is the most conclusive and accurate identity verification solution in the market. CompleteID uses three powerful components to deliver one definite decision. 1). Verification Engine - Taps a diverse and massive network of consumer information,including credit, utility, property,and... Read More
  • Complex Event Processing By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    Nastel AutoPilot with its Complex Event Processing engine and its unique policies for defining "business normal" and "business abnormal" can help you. AutoPilot automatically: Alerts Support when your applications move from "business normal" to "business abnormal Proactively monitors... Read More
  • Compliance / Quality Assurance / Claim Auditing / Premium Auditing By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group, Inc. offers compliance and quality assurance support services to various self-insurers, insurers, and reinsurers in the Property, Casualty, and Workers Compensation risk business. Our RiskPro products and services include: Risk Reviews and Solutions including Sarbanes... Read More
  • ComplianceCourier - Access Compliance Management By SecureAuth

    ComplianceCourier, Courion's access certification, verification and policy compliance software, automates the access certification and compliance process. ComplianceCourier is the industry’s first access certification product that enables authorized business managers to review and certify the... Read More
  • CompliantPro By Siemens PLM Software

    CompliantPro is the most comprehensive compliance management solution on the market today. CompliantPro offers the advantage of a robust, extremely flexible environment, adaptable to virtually any IT infrastructure. With CompliantPro, you can manage processes for communicating, monitoring, and... Read More
  • Conflicts of Interest Management Solutions By RegEd

    RegEd’s fully integrated Conflicts of Interest Management Solution Suite enables firms to seamlessly monitor, identify and remedy conflicts of interest and code of conduct issues among the firm’s registered population. The solution comprises five modules which can be implemented individually or... Read More
  • Consulting By Wipro Limited

    Wipro Consulting Services (WCS) is a key differentiator for Wipro Limited. WCS consults and leads organizational and business process transformation to improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and improve resilience. We introduce leading edge practices and offer business... Read More
  • Consulting By Jeremiah Associates LLC

    Leverage our “from the trenches” expertise in banking, brokerage and investment advisory activities and technology. Read More
  • Consulting By Accenture

    Accenture Management Consulting helps businesses achieve high performance. Drawing on our groundbreaking research and hands-on experience with high-performance businesses, Accenture delivers insights and puts them into action. Read More
  • Content Development By Jeremiah Associates LLC

    Our writers collaborate with your staff to produce job aids, reference materials and user guides that are clear, concise and useful. Read More
  • Continuum by Itiviti By Itiviti Group AB

    Continuum is a powerful new approach to automated testing developed to build trading system resilience and designed to protect against large scale systematic errors. It has been specifically developed to empower complex enterprise trading environments and deliver immediate benefits in the... Read More
  • Corporate and Investment Banking Customer Relationship Management (CRM) By NexJ Systems Inc.

    Corporate & Investment Banking With NexJ’s Corporate & Investment Banking CRM solution investment bankers can manage complex relationships and dynamically assign deal teams to their pitches/projects so they can streamline and standardize their revenue generation activities. NexJ’s CRM for... Read More
  • CourionLive - Identity and Access Management in the Cloud By SecureAuth

    Companies are continually striving to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, while enhancing security, and demonstrating compliance with proliferating industry policies and federal regulations. The cost of doing business, especially on-premise, is skyrocketing with upfront capital... Read More
  • CPMS By Lester Associates Inc.

    The Commodity Position Management System is a Windows-based back-office system designed for international trading firms trading physical commodities allowing identification, measurement and management of trading positions, risk and performance across all markets. Contract coverage includes... Read More
  • Credit Bureau Gateway By ACTICO

    ACTICO's Credit Bureau Gateway offers standardized and highly reliable connectivity with external data providers, such as credit bureaus. ACTICO provides standardized connectors for various credit bureaus worldwide. The modular application design reduces maintenance efforts, and allows for easy... Read More
  • Credit Decision Platform By ACTICO

    The Credit Decision Platform supports banks and financial service providers streamlining their loan origination processes and increases operational efficiency in the credit decision making process in retail banking. The credit decision engine helps to precisely analyze credit risk, automate... Read More
  • Credit Risk Management Platform By ACTICO

    The Credit Risk Management Platform is a robust and scalable software solution for credit risk management. The platform is used by banks, financial service providers, and corporations for assessing and managing credit risks. Core features of the platform include capturing and spreading financial... Read More
  • CRM By Croesus

    The CROESUS CRM system enables financial professionals to improve client communications and client satisfaction. Fully integrated into the portfolio management system, the CRM system offers the following features: mass mailing and emailing functionalities, simplified sharing of data within the... Read More
  • CRM Consulting Services By Robert E. Nolan Company

    Measurable benefits are difficult to find in many CRM initiatives. The Nolan approach to CRM is different: we deliver measurable business results. With an emphasis on customers and service process integration, Nolan can help you focus your operations to serve customers on their terms. Our... Read More
  • CROESUS By Croesus

    Croesus has dedicated itself to perfecting portfolio management software for the financial services market. CROESUS is offered as a "software as a service" model that helps firms; create new cost models, reduce total cost of ownership and improve time to market. Read More
  • CSA/CCA/Soft Dollar Programs by Firm58 By Firm58, Inc

    Firm58's CSA/Soft Dollar solution allows clients to offer a high-value program to their customers and participants via a web-based, self-service interface. The solution automates client commission agreements, commission sharing arrangements, invoicing and payment workflow and is highly... Read More
  • Custom Consulting Services By RDT Consulting Group, LLC

    The RDT Consulting Group offers custom consulting services to help brokers and investment managers address unique opportunities and challenges. Examples of custom consulting services include: -Integration analyses: Designing processes to combine new products or services with existing... Read More
  • Custom Development and Integration By Argo SE, Inc.

    Argo provides the highest level of expertise in custom development of high-performance trading solutions of various levels of complexity. We build order and execution management systems with portfolio management and algorithmic trading functionality, market simulation and testing systems, low... Read More
  • Custom Private Optical Network Solutions By Sidera Networks

    Sidera can design, build and maintain a network that meets the needs and goals of today’s growing business. Standardized off-the-shelf service offerings from the local phone company can no longer meet the needs of many carriers and businesses. Networking requirements have become more complex,... Read More
  • Custom Risk Management Solutions By CompatibL Technologies

    CompatibL offers its clients a range of risk management solutions packed in the rich client interface. Among them the following ones obtain the leading positions: → An integrated solution for calculating PFE and CVA for derivative portfolios using a high performance Monte Carlo simulation... Read More
  • Customer Communications and Archiving Solutions By RegEd

    RegEd’s Customer Communications Compliance Solution Suite enables firms to install strong oversight across the Advertising Review process, effectively monitor social media usage and maintain compliance with email and social media archiving requirements. The solution suite includes RegEd’s... Read More
  • Customer Relationship Management By Centrifuge Systems, Inc.

    Customer retention continues to be at the front line for most businesses today. Buyers are presented with an endless stream of products and channels through which they can buy. As a result, it is easier than ever for a customer to churn. Most businesses struggle to increase customer loyalty... Read More
  • Cyber Crime By Centrifuge Systems, Inc.

    Cyber Crime is a present and rising concern including computer hacks, corporate IP theft and network security data breaches. Cyber investigations pose enormous challenges including large data volumes, identifying risks across computing environments and tracing IP addresses to named suspects.... Read More