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  • F3 By FINCAD

    F3 gives you the ultimate flexibility to value and obtain first-order risk for even the most complex structures and portfolios. Available for use in Excel, MATLAB ®, or as an SDK, F3’s stateful, object-oriented architecture enables you to use any combination of model, trade and calculation... Read More
  • FA Match Alliance By FA Match

    Help us spread the word At FA Match, our purpose is to create an industry-wide culture of advisors who love what they do, at firms who have the right teams by their sides - but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we created the FA Match Alliance, so we can lift the industry up together. Read More
  • FA Match Recruiter By FA Match

    A New Era of Advisor Recruiting Harness the power of FA Match to drive scale for your firm and convert your existing advisor network into revenue. Read More
  • Fair Value Insight By FINCAD

    Fair Value Insight is an easy to use, cost-effective and secure web-based derivatives valuation solution built upon FINCAD's industry standard analytics and ICAP's unrivaled market data. Fair Value Insight is a robust solution for valuing interest rate, FX, commodities, OTC derivatives,... Read More
  • FinancePro® Multi-asset Securities Financing Solution By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    FinancePro® is a global, multi-asset securities financing solution designed for today’s rapidly changing global marketplace. FinancePro enables comprehensive tracking and management of financing transactions throughout the entire trade lifecycle. Traders have real-time access to collateral... Read More
  • Financial Services By Enterprise Iron - Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

    From the prosperous 90’s through the current turbulent economy, we have seen unprecedented growth and expansion in the financial markets, technology sector and global ventures, all to be jeopardized by the industry’s lack of controls, misguided initiatives and mismanagement of technical... Read More
  • Financial Services Technology & Operations By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    Securities Processing Our securities processing solutions are built upon best-practice standards and support the full trade lifecycle, from trade execution through confirmation, settlement, and accounting. Business Process Outsourcing We leverage 50 years of experience serving the financial... Read More
  • FINCAD Analytics Suite By FINCAD

    FINCAD Analytics Suite is the most transparent solution with comprehensive cross-asset coverage and documentation of all models, calculation methodologies, and references. Verify and validate every aspect of the valuation, including: pricing of derivatives, measurement of counterparty exposure... Read More
  • FinlogiK By FinlogiK Inc.

    One Solution for Financial Institutions and Corporate Treasury Departments We specialize in conceptualizing, designing and implementing trade management systems. Our software provides an integrated treasury management solution. Finlogik’s management team is committed to providing a fully... Read More
  • FINRA Compliance Management Solutions By RegEd

    RegEd’s Enterprise Compliance, Audit and Conflicts Management Platform solutions enable firms to effectively and efficiently meet compliance obligations, proactively, manage their compliance program and identify and mitigate risk. Applications present in a common interface, optimizing usability... Read More
  • FireLight® By Insurance Technologies

    FireLight® is a multi-carrier sales platform that delivers a suite of interconnected sales components that transforms the way insurance, retirement and investment products are marketed, sold and supported. Built from the ground up, FireLight provides a configurable, cost effective solution to... Read More
  • FISA (Fixed Income Security Analytics) By Financial Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    FISA is a software development library component available in Java, C++, and for all Microsoft .NET languages for calculating analytic values for individual fixed income securities. Calculates price, yields, duration, convexity, and many other calculated values for treasury, agency, corporate,... Read More
  • Fiscal Checkup, Diagnosis, tretment and Wellness By FiscalDoctor Inc.

    Gary specializes in helping leaders avoid costly problems and increase profits by uncovering million dollar blind spot to make better business decisions, carrying out rigorous due diligence and enterprise risk management reviews, and partnering with them on critical fiscal and financial projects. Read More
  • FiscalClinic By FiscalDoctor Inc.

    Gary specializes in helping leaders avoid costly problems and increase profits by uncovering million dollar blind spot to make better business decisions, carrying out rigorous due diligence and enterprise risk management reviews, and partnering with them on critical fiscal and financial projects. Read More
  • FIX Connectivity for Buy-Side Firms By Eze Software Group

    ECI Link combines Internet, FIX, market data and voice connectivity over a single converged network to power a buy-side firm’s trading operations. The foundation of ECI Link is our ECINet Private Network which serves as the communications gateway for more than 300 buy-side firms and delivers... Read More
  • FIX GateWays and native APIs By FastPanda Technologies

    The FIX GateWay engine is a high-performance solution that supports FIX ver. 4.1 - 4.4 and has optional FIX drop-off capabilities. It is very flexible with respect to supporting different flavors of FIX protocol using configuration settings and quite straightforward in deployment. The FIX engine... Read More
  • FIX Solution Accelerators By Volante Technologies, Inc.

    Volante provides complete support for FIX message-based processing through plug-ins for Volante Designer. The FIX plug-in supports all FIX versions up to and including 5.0 SP2 with built-in data dictionaries. Pre-populated with all FIX application messages, the plug-in also provides validation... Read More
  • Fixed Income Execution Manager (BondPub) By Financial Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    Traders need a front-end application that allows them to manage the distribution of all their fixed income quotes and aggregate their orders in one place. This fixed income execution management solution provides streaming distribution of quotes and aggregation of orders in one easy-to-use... Read More
  • Fixed Income Routing Engine (FIRE™) By Financial Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    As competition in the marketplace increases and regulatory reporting times decrease, fixed income trading firms must automate and improve their efficiency or they will be left behind. Traders want to maximize exposure of fixed income offerings and bids across multiple distribution channels while... Read More
  • FIXGate By InfoReach, Inc.

    It is easy to take charge of your FIX connectivity with your trading counterparts using InfoReach’s FIX routing solution - FIXGate. InfoReach provides you with a FIX gateway that comes with the essential set of tools to allow you to setup and monitor your own FIX connectivity. Since FIXGate puts... Read More
  • Flex Portfolio Trade Schedular By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    FlexPTS (Portfolio Trade Scheduler) enables users to determine the best trading trajectory for their portfolios while minimizing market-impact cost and the risk of underperforming benchmarks. Utilizing state of the art optimization technology, FlexPTS establishes the optimal portfolio trading... Read More
  • FlexEdge By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    FlexEdge is a predictive analytics module that provides traders with advanced forecasting capabilities for trading U.S. equities. Using a proprietary, model-driven approach, FlexEdge provides short-term return forecasts across overnight and intraday time horizons, as well as intraday volume... Read More
  • FlexFutures By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    With nearly 100% of the world's top futures and options contracts now traded electronically, CTAs, hedge funds and institutional traders are increasingly turning to FlexTrade for powerful and innovative order-management and execution solutions. Our FlexFutures trading solution is equipped to... Read More
  • FlexFX By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    FlexFX, a broker-neutral software solution that provides robust and flexible foreign exchange trading capabilities, helps to minimize market impact, transaction costs and risk exposure with an array of tools for implementing intelligent trading strategies, including user-defined analytics for... Read More
  • FlexOMS By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    FlexOMS is our state-of-the-art, end-to-end order management solution for sell-side institutions. Whether it is order management, order entry, routing executions to market centers, tracking fills and positions, FlexOMS combines and streamlines the trading process between execution venues and... Read More
  • FlexOPT By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    FlexOPT is an options trading system for both buyside and sellside institutions engaged in agency, facilitation and/or proprietary trading. The system provides you with direct access to all options exchanges, leading broker algorithms, fully customizable algorithms and various options trading... Read More
  • FlexPTS By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    FlexPTS (Portfolio Trade Scheduler) enables users to determine the best trading trajectory for their portfolios while minimizing market-impact cost and the risk of underperforming benchmarks. Utilizing state of the art optimization technology, FlexPTS establishes the optimal portfolio trading... Read More
  • FlexTQM By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    FlexTQM is a comprehensive transaction cost analysis system used by leading buy- and sell-side institutions. Integrating pre-trade analysis and cost-estimation with real-time and historical transaction cost analysis, FlexTQM provides exceptional benefits to both the buy- and sell-side in... Read More
  • FlexTRADER By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    FlexTRADER is the industry's first broker-neutral, quantitatively enriched execution management system (EMS) that encompasses all facets of electronic and algorithmic trading. Trusted globally by hedge funds and leading institutions on the buy-side and sell-side, FlexTRADER seeks and facilitates... Read More
  • FlexTRADER exp By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    Obtain the many benefits of FlexTRADER, the industry's leading algorithmic execution management system (EMS), without having to install locally. Our FlexTRADER EXP solution encompasses all the facets of electronic and rules-based trading available with FlexTRADER, and is easily deployable to... Read More
  • Floor Traders Tools By ProTrend, Inc.

    This incomparable software identifies tradable cycle tops and bottoms as they occur, and then generates buy and sell signals. Floor Traders’ Tools was produced to work well in any market, and does exceptionally well on the FOREX, Stocks, Futures, and the e-mini's. The Floor Traders’ Tools... Read More
  • Forefield Newsletters By Forefield, a division of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    a full-featured, monthly financial planning newsletter service offered to both independent financial advisors and financial institutions. The Forefield Newsletter service allows financial advisors and institutions to create customized, FINRA-reviewed, and fully branded newsletters for clients,... Read More
  • Forefield Seminars and Flash Presentations By Forefield, a division of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    comprehensive, customizable, FINRA-reviewed presentations for use by individual advisors and enterprises. Each seminar is 30-45 minutes in duration, comprised of 20-30 PowerPoint slides, a complete script, and an interactive client workbook. Each seminar comes with an accompanying 3-4 minute... Read More
  • Forefield Web Resources By Forefield, a division of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    Forefield Web ResourcesTM allows you to enrich your website with current, concise & compliant financial planning content that will help you engage your clients and prospects and generate greater usage of your website. By using Forefield Web Resources you can be sure that your website always has... Read More
  • ForeSight® By Insurance Technologies

    ForeSight® aligns illustrations with the way insurance and retirement solutions are sold. ForeSight is an intuitive and responsive point-of-sale insurance illustration software solution that supports key aspects of the sales process for multiple lines of business and product types across diverse... Read More
  • Form Builder By Delivra

    Improve marketing efforts with event registrations Create and send a form for event registration Follow up with marketing messages based on responses -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Delivra's Form Builder makes it easy for you to send... Read More
  • Forms Design By S4i Systems Inc

    S4i’s Forms Design Suite is the one stop forms design shop that anyone can master. iSeries shops can use the powerful WYSIWYG PC-based design tool to create color forms from scratch, or trace them from existing ones. Familiar Drag n’ drop data mapping makes reformatting a cinch. Click for... Read More
  • Forms Processing By Parascript, LLC

    Parascript Forms Data Extraction solution supports time-sensitive business processes by: (1) classifying, locating, extracting, and validating data for all documents regardless of format or type; (2) processing information so that it’s easily accessible by workflows and business systems; and (3)... Read More
  • FormSuite for Structured Forms By Accusoft

    Build your feature-rich forms processing application quickly and easily. Available for .NET and ActiveX, the FormSuite for Structured Forms SDK is an industry leader for integrating powerful character recognition (OCR, ICR and OMR), form identification, form dropout, scanned document cleanup... Read More
  • FpML Solution Accelerators By Volante Technologies, Inc.

    Volante integration and data management tools include support of the FpML standard and its many variants with the FpML plug-in for Volante Designer. The FpML plug-in targets the immediate need to reduce manual processing and streamline the error-prone automated processes in handling OTC... Read More
  • Fraud Analysis By Centrifuge Systems, Inc.

    Fraudulent activity continues to permeate almost every business today creating high risk situations and losses that are staggering. Most fraud has gone undetected because accurate identification has proven elusive. The criminals have avoided identification with deceptive schemes that hide the... Read More
  • FRAUDSTOPPER ICE By SureTraxx Cash Management Systems, Inc.

    Our FRAUDSTOPPER ICE™ product offers an "in-line" security closure and cold-indicating technology which parallel those used in our FRAUDSTOPPER™ security bag. Our FRAUDSTOPPER ICE™ security closure is available for all our deposit bags, vault bags, evidence bags and more. Read More
  • FRAUDSTOPPER™ By SureTraxx Cash Management Systems, Inc.

    Our FRAUDSTOPPER™ tamper-evident closure system offers the most sophisticated and technologically innovative "in-line" or "flat" security closure currently available on the market. This security seal provides a self-sealing mechanism that offers ease of use and high tech security features for... Read More
  • Freeway By OptionsCity Software, Inc.

    Freeway is a fast and powerful server-based trading platform designed for quick development and deployment of custom automated trading strategies. These custom algorithms, defined as Jobs within Freeway, are written in standard Java or Scala code using industry standard tools and a... Read More
  • Front Office By Calypso Technology

    The Calypso System addresses the complex requirements of the “new” front office for OTC derivatives and treasury products, reshaped by recent legislative and market structure changes. In addition to traditional front office functions such as valuation, pre-trade analysis, and intraday risk... Read More
  • FrontGP By eFront

    FrontGP is a complete offering for General Partners, providing best-of-breed, front-to back-office solution in a package that is fast, easy and flexible to deploy. The next evolution of the AnalytX platform, FrontGP offers General Partners of all sizes and levels of sophistication the... Read More
  • FrontInvest By eFront

    FrontInvest centralizes teams and procedures around a fully web-based common information system, thereby rendering data reliable and manageable. With integrated capabilities for investor management, portfolio management and monitoring, and fund management, or investment deal flow, portfolio... Read More
  • Fund Administration By STP Investment Services

    Our Accounting and Administration department is on the cutting edge of straight-through processing and is always focused on our clients’ specific needs to help you grow your business! Accounting and Valuation Services We leverage technology innovation, proven methodologies and a variety of... Read More
  • Fund Administration By VestServe

    Key Features: - IMS’ flexible accounting engine provides full daily accrual and pooled funds accounting (unitization) - IMS accounts for investment pools with varying distribution rules for shares, income, spending, and gains - Full participant NAV accounting (using omnibus accounts or... Read More
  • FX Aggregator - Forex Aggregator By InfoReach, Inc.

    FX Aggregator is a powerful algorithmic forex trading platform that gives quants and traders the ability to deploy strategies for forex trading without having to invest the time and resources in building and maintaining their own technology infrastructure. It provides access to multiple... Read More