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  • Macalla Platform By Roamware

    The Roamware Macalla Platform enables a wide range of innovative mobile financial services. All of these services can be undertaken both nationally and internationally as the Roamware Macalla Platform is multi-lingual and multi-currency. Services include: Mobile Top-up (national and... Read More
  • Maestro By Artisan Software

    Artisan Software offers very cost effective, robust & flexible user controlled commission & fee processing software on a unified technology platform that in addition provides: • Electronic Interfaces to Clearing Firms, Funds, DTCC, IPS, & Custodians • Hosted Solution – No server or hardware... Read More
  • Mail Attender for Exchange By Sherpa Software

    Mail Attender is a comprehensive management tool for your Exchange email environment. Mail Attender rules can manage content stored in mailboxes, network PST files, desktop PST files, Online Archives or public folders. Combine a flexible set of conditions and actions into scheduled rules to... Read More
  • Mail Processing Automation By Parascript, LLC

    Parascript helps high-volume mailers, postal operators, major corporations and government agencies (including the United States Postal Service) to streamline and automate the sortation of the full mail stream, including letters, flats, parcels, forwarded mail, business reply mail, and bundles.... Read More
  • Managed Connectivity Service By Fidessa group

    Fidessa’s Managed Connectivity Service is a managed service that offers a world class support service for front office trading at significantly lower cost than the provision of in-house resource. + 1 617 235 1003 + 1 647 260 6805 + 44 020 7105 1000 The service, offered to clients of... Read More
  • Managed Router By Sidera Networks

    Sidera’s Managed Router Service provides the configuration flexibility your business requires to ensure optimal network performance. Implemented and supported by highly qualified and certified network engineers, Managed Router Service includes complete router management, monitoring, and... Read More
  • Managed Services By Sidera Networks

    Sidera’s Network Management Service provides clients with network monitoring and associated technical services utilizing Sidera’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC). Our NOC is staffed by highly trained professionals on a 24x7 basis, has well-established methods and procedures, and... Read More
  • Market Abuse and Insider Dealing Detection By ACTICO

    ACTICO's Market Abuse and Insider Dealing Detection (MAID) software monitors both legal requirements and internal company rules for securities trading in order to detect and prevent insider trading and market manipulation. MAID helps ACTICO's customers identify practices like wash trades,... Read More
  • Market Data Cloud By Xignite, Inc.

    Market Data Cloud is a platform that reduces infrastructure headaches and expenses by hosting market data in the cloud. It is the underlying platform for several solutions our clients use to solve their business problems: Developers use it to power their financial applications with our... Read More
  • Market Data Cloud for Developers By Xignite, Inc.

    Integrating financial data with your applications has always been a hassle—until now. With our Financial Data APIs running on the Xignite Market Data Cloud, you can bypass all of the headaches associated with market data integration and focus instead on creating products that delight your... Read More
  • Market Data Distribution By Redline Trading Solutions, Inc.

    The explosive growth in market data, combined with the need for many systems to have access to diverse subsets of the data, is posing serious challenges to traditional market data platforms. These solutions force you to adopt a distribution paradigm that may not fit your overall market data... Read More
  • Market Insight By Discovery Data

    Through our market insight offerings you can also access detailed, historical information on the industry, providing you with the tools, resources and complete picture you need to make informed business decisions. Read More
  • Marketing Services By Massing PR, LLC

    Marketing Outsourcing, Marketing Directing, Marketing Training, Market Research, Marketing and Brand Awareness, Media Buying Calendar and Negotiation, Special Promotions, Web site Development and Banner Development, Internal or External Newsletters (electronic or print), Direct Mail (Email and... Read More
  • Markit Clear By Markit WSO

    Markit Clear is the premier electronic trade processing platform for efficient settlement of syndicated loans trades. Used by buyers, sellers, agent banks and legal professionals, Markit Clear automates loan trade affirmation, confirmation and matching to speed the settlement process. Read More
  • Markit Entity Identifiers By Markit WSO

    Trading inefficiencies caused by a lack of standards can lead to delays in settlement times. Markit’s unique set of identifiers provide coverage and consistency across counterparties in the loan market. Our identifiers integrate into Markit Document Exchange and Markit WSOData to speed the... Read More
  • Markit Loan Pricing By Markit WSO

    Markit is the leading source of independent, daily syndicated loan pricing, providing price transparency on more than 6,500 syndicated loan facilities. Over seven years of historical data is available. The Markit Loan Pricing service is supported by over 60 global sell-side desks active in loan... Read More
  • Markit WSO Accounting By Markit WSO

    Markit WSO Accounting is the most efficient way to populate a company’s accounting system. By creating debit and credit journal entries of all activity within Markit WSO Administrator, cash can be mapped to a specific general ledger using one of over 100 unique transaction types. Read More
  • Markit WSO Administrator By Markit WSO

    Markit WSO Administrator is tailored for front-to-back office operations including trade entry, transaction processing, portfolio attribution reporting and portfolio reconciliation. Using dedicated loan functionality, Markit WSO Administrator allows managers to streamline operational costs by... Read More
  • Markit WSO Agent By Markit WSO

    Markit WSO Agent completes the front to back-office solution by providing software for administering loan origination to the syndicate; complete with online fax notices to straight through processing of activity. Reduce operational costs while boosting efficiencies and service in the... Read More
  • Markit WSO Reporting By Markit WSO

    Markit WSO Reporting provides immediate access to over 130 standard accounting and portfolio analysis reports with dynamic properties and full report descriptions. Read More
  • Markit WSOData By Markit WSO

    Markit WSOData is a centralized repository of reference and transactional loan data, allowing request/retrieval and integration with the Markit WSO Administrator for straight-through-processing. WSOData electronically distributes data from agent notices as they are issued. No more missed... Read More
  • Markit WSOFax By Markit WSO

    Markit WSOFax is an online document management service that provides a common repository for incoming notices and the ability to access categorised documents. Markit WSOFax is used by the majority of the loan managers to effectively and efficiently handle the inbound Agent Notices they receive... Read More
  • Markit WSOWeb By Markit WSO

    Markit WSOWeb is a web-based application that allows access to real-time position data and reporting for clients who choose to outsource their back office operations. Markit WSOWeb allows you to see the position updates in real time, to update or override ratings, industry codes, market prices... Read More
  • Martini™ By TORO Cloud

    Martini™ is a modern, low code API centric platform for digital transformation. With Martini™, you can: * Design, consume, and publish APIs. Apply security and usage rules to your APIs. Monitor API analytics. * Integrate internal applications and databases with cloud-based services, business... Read More
  • MAXIMIS By SS&C Technologies, Inc.

    Designed to meet the regulatory and management reporting needs of large insurance companies, SS&C’s MAXIMIS is a functionally rich, web-based, multi-tiered,platform-independent investment accounting solution, providing unlimited accounting basis support and easy integration with other back... Read More
  • MaxxTrader By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    MaxxTrader, a part of FlexTrade’s comprehensive FX Enterprise Solutions package, is a white label trading system for sell-side institutions operating in the foreign exchange markets. Designed to allow institutions to privately aggregate and issue price information to the markets and clientele,... Read More
  • Media Relations By Massing PR, LLC

    Media Training for Company Executives and Spokespeople, Media Relation Development and Maintenance, Media List, Development and Maintenance, Client Media and Analyst Road Shows, Press Conferences, Press Release Development and Distribution, Press 1:1 Briefings for Companies participating... Read More
  • Medicare Set-Aside / Medicare Set-Asides Products and Services By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Choose our independent, experienced team of professionals at MSA attorneys and nurses who are committed to work for you. We have over 30 years of experience in administering the entire claim adjudication process. Our MSA Best Practices have been recognized throughout the industry as... Read More
  • Meridian By activePDF

    activePDF Meridian is a robust, server-based enterprise-wide network PDF printer. There are no per user or per document fees. PDF settings and options are controlled at the administrator level guaranteeing pixel-perfect PDF file output. Individual printers can be created with custom settings for... Read More
  • Message Security - Elements Compliance Platform by Erado By Erado

    Erado’s Email Message Security has two options; to protect your user’s inboxes. Both include virus and malware filtering for complete protection. - Traditional spam filtering - Anti-virus, malware, and phishing - Automatic quarantine Read More
  • Metro By OptionsCity Software, Inc.

    OptionsCity Metro is a fully configurable electronic trading and market making platform that creates a distinctive edge by enabling options traders to have full control over trading, safety, and risk management. Metro was built on power, speed, reliability, and simplicity. Metro’s intuitive... Read More
  • MIK Compliance By MIK Fund Solutions

    MIK has automated tools that enable hedge funds to streamline their required reporting to both the SEC and foreign regulatory agencies. In addition to allowing managers and traders to see their percent ownership and associated reporting threshold proximity in a real-time view, MIK has built... Read More
  • MIK Data Warehouse By MIK Fund Solutions

    We look at the data warehouse as a platform to support a hedge fund's business, not a stand-alone product or a project objective in and of itself. The warehouse is the foundation, but not the goal. Success in designing and building data warehouses specifically for hedge funds is a core... Read More
  • MIK Portfolio Monitor By MIK Fund Solutions

    The ability to integrate your firm’s accounting, risk, research and market data into the Portfolio Monitor sets MIK apart from other real-time P&L tools. Out-of-the-box solutions try to fit your analysis needs into a limited data model, but we give you a single, integrated view of all of the... Read More
  • MIK Security Master By MIK Fund Solutions

    What sets MIK's Security Master apart from others is its integration into the data warehouse, and its ability to share information across multiple sources, not just a single back-office system. Our security master is the cross-reference tool for your applications, (e.g. OMS, Accounting, Prime... Read More
  • Minerva OEMS By Fidessa group

    Minerva OEMS is the first buy-side solution to provide comprehensive order management (OMS) and execution management (EMS) for all asset classes and markets in a single system. The OEMS includes highly configurable global order workflow, trading, fund allocation, integrated compliance, audit... Read More
  • MMSEA Section 111 Mandatory Data Reporting By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group Inc.’s RiskPro technology allows for a secure and reliable means of transmitting Non-Group Health Plans (NGHP) data to Medicare to comply with the MMSEA Section 111 law regarding Mandatory Insurer Data Reporting. The online website application is an encrypted, secure, and... Read More
  • Mobile Message Archiving By Smarsh

    With the Smarsh mobile message archiving solution, firms can capture, index and preserve multiple forms of mobile device communication (such as SMS/text messages, BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN, BlackBerry Messenger and multiple mobile IM platforms). Messages can be searched and produced on-demand within... Read More
  • Money Laundering Detection System By ACTICO

    ACTICO's Money Laundering Detection System helps customers in the financial and insurance industry detect and prevent money laundering. It monitors transactions for indicators of money laundering. The Money Laundering Detection System (MLDS) covers current national legal requirements and also... Read More
  • Morningstar ByAllAccounts aggregation service By Morningstar, Inc.

    The Morningstar ByAllAccounts aggregation service gathers hard-to-reach data from thousands of financial institutions and connects it to leading portfolio management platforms for a unified client view. This view enhances an advisor's ability to provide holistic advice and reporting based on all... Read More
  • MORS Add-on solutions By MORS Software

    TRANSFER PRICE MANAGER MORS Transfer Price Manager is a real-time solution for Treasury, ALM and Balance Sheet managers in banks. MORS Transfer Price Manager is an efficient steering tool, where FTP levels can be altered dynamically and the effects can be monitored in real-time. MULTI SITE... Read More
  • MORS Treasury, Liquidity & ALM solutions By MORS Software

    TREASURY MANAGER MORS Treasury Manager is a front-to-back treasury solution including real-time risk management. MORS Treasury Manager enables treasurers to make optimal funding, hedging and risk management decisions against limits and continuously changing market conditions. LIQUIDITY... Read More
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities through MBS Expert® By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    MBS Expert is an operationally-efficient Mortgage Backed Securities system for front- and middle-office functions. Among broker dealers and asset managers, MBS Expert is the most widely used post-trade Mortgage Backed Securities system that supports large volume throughput while mitigating trade... Read More
  • Mottai - Front-End Broker Trader Solution By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    Mottai is a fully integrated, web-based front-end trading solution combining market data and leading edge risk management and trading tools for brokers. Mottai is multi-currency, multi-market and multi-asset class, and offers mobility and easy deployment across branches. Trading... Read More
  • Moxy® By SS&C Advent Software

    Moxy® integrates and streamlines all aspects of the investment management process, from portfolio construction through settlement. With easy access to critical data, a simple interface, and unmatched connectivity with counterparties, Moxy® provides a stable, centralized location for making and... Read More
  • MuniDOCS Online® By DPC DATA Inc.

    MuniDOCS Online®, DPC DATA’s portal service that brings the entire MuniFILINGS disclosure document archive to third party web sites and proprietary intranets, by linking the document information and images with the customer’s proprietary securities data at the CUSIP-9 level. Read More

    MuniFILINGS®, the world’s largest and most comprehensive destination on the Web for municipal bond disclosure documents, directly available from DPC. This site, updated throughout the day, offers both preliminary and final official statements, financial statements, continuing disclosure... Read More
  • MuniGUARD® By DPC DATA Inc.

    MuniGUARD® enables comprehensive and easy access to critical material event information on U.S. municipal securities as soon as those notices are filed in the official SEC-designated disclosure system. The information is available in intraday and end-of-day feeds, and the large menu of critical... Read More
  • MuniLINK® By DPC DATA Inc.

    MuniLINK® Web Services is the market’s most advanced source for both municipal bond reference data and disclosure documents in one convenient API interface. This highly configurable service joins all of DPC DATA’s rich bond descriptive data plus links to its entire disclosure document archive to... Read More
  • MuniPOINTS® By DPC DATA Inc.

    MuniPOINTS® provides the most concise deal summaries for domestic municipal bond deals. The one-page fact sheets contain bullet points and text excerpted directly from the official statement and put all of the relevant information about the deal in a standard, easy-to-read format. One-click... Read More
  • Mutual Funds By Talisys

    Trade order routing & management solutions from Talisys include its Mutual Fund Solutions which provide straight through processing of mutual funds for brokerage and direct accounts - available as a standalone solution or with the complete Talisys platform. Mutual Fund Solutions... Read More
  • My Content By Forefield, a division of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    an e-mail solution that allows financial advisors to create, host, and distribute their own content using Forefield's e-mail and web platform. My Content allows advisors to leverage the same industry leading e-mail marketing platform used by other Forefield services. Advisor generated... Read More