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  • Paisley Enterprise GRC By Thomson Reuters - Paisley GRC Solutions

    PURPOSE-BUILT FOR INTEGRATED GOVERNANCE, RISK AND COMPLIANCE Paisley Enterprise GRC® is a comprehensive governance, risk and compliance platform purpose-built for internal audit, risk management, compliance and IT governance process owners. The solution, designed to address the requirements of... Read More
  • PAM for Investments By State Street Global Exchange (US) LLC

    PAM for Investments is a comprehensive investment accounting and management platform that supports international accounting and reporting requirements for a diverse range of assets and portfolio types. Whether you are looking to fulfill domestic accounting needs or require accounting for... Read More
  • Parascript OnDemand Cloud Solution By Parascript, LLC

    INVOICE, CHECK AND RECEIPT PROCESSING IN REAL-TIME, IN THE CLOUD WITH PARASCRIPT ONDEMAND Web-API-as-a-Service Automate Accounts Payable and other transactional processes that need invoice, receipt or check data. With minimal investment, improve the user experience and reduce manual data entry... Read More
  • PAYPORT - Payment Processing and Management By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    PAYPORT™ is a comprehensive receivable solution designed specifically for the asset management industry that increases visibility and control and reduces cycle time and costs. PAYPORT™ improves your bottom line by automating paper intensive manual processes. Bonaire’s PAYPORT™ increases... Read More
  • payShield – Payment System Security HSMs By Thales e-Security Inc

    Designed specifically for payments applications, payShield 9000 from Thales e-Security is a proven hardware security module (HSM) that performs tasks such as PIN protection and validation, transaction processing, payment card issuance, and key management. payShield 9000 is the most widely... Read More
  • PDF Document Imaging and Document Management Solutions By Appligent Document Solutions

    Appligent develops desktop and server-based software and plug-ins for PDF document imaging and PDF document management, including redaction and form-flattening, as well as PDF-specific server applications for forms, stamping, appending, encryption and digital signatures, all available across... Read More
  • Performance Measurement & Analysis By STP Investment Services

    For investment managers to be competitive, grow assets, and excel in the industry, accurate and timely performance and flexible attribution analysis are essential. With STP’s platform and robust processes the delivery of your performance data will always be accurate and presented as you see fit.... Read More
  • Performance Measurement Solutions By Eagle Investment Systems LLC

    Understand trends. Deliver results. Stay agile and responsive to seemingly constant market, client and regulatory changes with help from Eagle’s innovative performance measurement solutions. With integrated workflows from data consolidation, return calculation, to analysis and reporting, the... Read More
  • Performance Measurement Tools By VestServe

    Key Features: - Many price sensitivity, yield, and return measures - Asset allocations and contribution returns broken out by country, currency, sector, sub-sector, asset type, portfolios or any desired group - Maintain GIPS compliance with return analytics including IRR, time weighted rate of... Read More
  • Performance Reporting By Croesus

    CROESUS professional reports offer financial institutions the power to enrich, personalize, customize and configure reports to enhance client relationships. They extend marketing and communication efforts and maintain competitiveness in the market. With the ability to customize reports,... Read More
  • Pevara By eFront

    Successful investment strategies start with superior benchmarking. Detailed, consistent, diverse and reliable, Pevara's benchmark data is compiled from a robust and unbiased sample of fund performance sourced from a global network of contributors providing actual cash flow information. Pevara is... Read More
  • PINNICLE NICs By NetQuest Corporation

    The PINNICLE family is specifically designed to help optimize the performance of high-speed monitoring platforms by off-loading and pre-processing the traffic for more efficient use by the host. Each member of the family operates at its specified full line rate with zero packet loss, making... Read More
  • Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets By Pivotal CRM

    In your market, relationships mean everything and sharing information across your firm is the key to collaborating and getting deals done. But, collaboration can be a challenge due to the complex network of internal and external parties involved in deals. On the equity sales side, your ability... Read More
  • Pivotal CRM for Commercial Banking By Pivotal CRM

    To compete with today’s global banks and regional credit unions, you have to work harder to ensure that your clients feel valued. But, how can you deliver enhanced service without driving up service costs and discouraging clients? In today's business environment, commercial banks face increasing... Read More
  • Pivotal CRM for Mutual Fund Wholesaling By Pivotal CRM

    To compete in today's crowded market, you need to be strategic about resource allocation and take a strategic approach to managing broker-dealer channels. To achieve this, you need better insight into broker relationships and profitability. CDC Pivotal CRM for Mutual Fund Wholesaling is an... Read More
  • Pivotal CRM for Wealth Management/Private Banking By Pivotal CRM

    Clients seeking out your private banking services today are more cautious than ever. To win your share of their business, you need to demonstrate a level of personalized service that makes you stand out from competing firms.CDC Pivotal CRM for Private Banking helps you streamline operations,... Read More
  • PortFini By Financial Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    Financial advisors need robust tools that are efficient and easy to use. That’s why we developed a web-based, cloud-hosted, portfolio modeling and presentation system specifically for them. PortFini makes it so easy for an advisor to model a client’s portfolio holdings in a single consolidated... Read More
  • Portfolio Accounting By InteliClear LLC

    All entries are posted to the system creating a complete accounting system. The multi- currency and flexible closing periods add additional benefits to financial processing. Multi-currency Customer and ledger Customer base currency Cross currency Financial accounting Ledger balances... Read More
  • Portfolio Analysis By InteliClear LLC

    Analysis made easier by virtue of single point of entry/single data repository concept Real-time data with integrated balances provides for the most up-to-date data to perform account analysis. Positions Balances Account valuation Margin "What if" scenarios Related... Read More
  • Portfolio Management By AlphaDesk

    The software provides very flexible tools for viewing and analyzing portfolios. Portfolios can be grouped together and broken down by attributes such as sector, security type, strategy, etc. View your portfolio the way you understand it – customize your views to reflect the way you analyze... Read More
  • Portfolio Management By Eagle Investment Systems LLC

    From transaction entry to accounting, portfolio management reporting and performance measurement, your innovative Eagle solution offers end-to-end processing on a single platform. Powerful performance and attribution tools can give you a clearer view of how your portfolios are doing and why.... Read More
  • Portfolio Management By FinFolio

    We think portfolio management technology has a long way to go, and that idea drives our company. FinFolio was built from the ground up to handle mission-critical business processes for large asset management firms. We have embraced an expanded definition of portfolio management that includes... Read More
  • Portfolio MCS By Inside Edge Systems

    Analyze the probable return and risk profiles of systematically trading a portfolio of commodities using TradeStation strategies. This software runs outside of TradeStation and uses monte carlo simulation to generate probability distributions of return and risk. Read More
  • Portfolio Reporting By FinFolio

    Portfolio reporting. Beautifully designed. Our large library of portfolio reports include performance, fixed income, options, multi-currency and management reports. FinFolio turns bland reports into vibrant presentations with cover pages, table of contents, and eight distinct graphics... Read More
  • Portware By Portware

    Founded in 2000, Portware LLC is the financial industry's leading developer of broker-neutral, automated trading software for global equities, futures, options and FX. With offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Hyderabad, Portware works in partnership with its clients to create highly... Read More
  • Powerful Reporting Capabilities By VestServe

    Key Features: - Drag and drop design tool to add fields (including user defined fields), groups and formulas - Powerful formula engine turns reports into analytical tools - Directly output any report to Excel, PDF, Word, Email or Fax - Web reporting for customer access via a secure client portal Read More
  • Precision LM By SS&C Technologies, Inc.

    Precision LM is a single database application that provides comprehensive commercial loan management from initial request to final disposition. Precision LM improves your results by managing all aspects of your loan process – pre-qualifying loan requests, processing applications, commitment... Read More
  • Predictive Modeling with Claim Predator® By INFORM Applications Inc.

    Sometimes even your best hunches are not right. Why increase the risk of missing a potentially expensive claim? Why not add a scientific approach using data modeling? Claim Predator® takes the guess work out of detecting what claims may become expensive. INFORM uses AnalyticsPlus to do... Read More
  • Prelude By InfoReach, Inc.

    InfoReach Prelude provides advanced trading tools and functionality at a competitive price, without the commitment of a long-term contract. Prelude is the pre-configured version of the InfoReach TMS (Trade Management System), our highperformance, low-latency platform for global multi-asset... Read More
  • Presentations & Education By Forefield, a division of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    a sales, education, and client communication tool that enables financial advisors to deliver current, concise and compliant resources to their clients. Forefield Advisor provides access to more than 3,000 resources made up of over 2,300 articles, 200 illustrations and tables, 200 interactive... Read More
  • Privacy Compliance Consulting By Eze Software Group

    High-profile data and security breaches are resulting in new regulations that impact the way all firms conduct business. The Massachusetts state law 201 CMR 17.00 is just one example of the changing regulatory landscape. Eze Castle Integration’s Eze Privacy Compliance Consulting services help... Read More
  • PROCESS SOLUTIONS By Sapient Global Markets

    Process Analysis & Optimization Operations Support Merger Support Outsourced MCA & Confirm Drafting Outsourced Reconciliation & Break Resolution Services Read More
  • Products and Services By SingleSource Communications

    We are your single source equipment provider and repair center for all of your Microwave Radio, Central Office, Power, Relay Racks, Data and Enclosure Telecom Equipment. Ask us about our Advanced Repair Program. You will get tested good products before you have time to send in your bad telecom... Read More
  • Professional Services By OnX Enterprise Solutions

    Hardware and software alone rarely mean the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive business environment. Yet the way those technologies are selected, implemented, integrated, adopted and managed can be critical success factors. That’s why Professional Services are an... Read More
  • Profit Analysis by Firm58 By Firm58, Inc

    Firm58's Profit Analysis solution calculates daily net profitability and provides permission-based online dashboards to help clients gain insight into margins, liquidity and income analysis. Automate analysis of variable and fix-cost trade activity and understand profitability drivers. Read More
  • Project Vision and Scoping By RDT Consulting Group, LLC

    Firm-wide understanding and agreement on vision and scope is the most important (and often under-emphasized) factor in project success. The RDT Consulting Group conducts high level consulting sessions to help organizations come to a clear, concise statement of objectives and scope, with buy-in... Read More
  • PST Backup Attender By Sherpa Software

    Managing PST files can present a host of challenges. Securing data to avoid loss or corruption, performing eDiscovery or enforcing retention policies are just few examples. PST Backup Attender from Sherpa Software is designed to help administrators who meet these challenges. PST Backup Attender... Read More
  • Public Relations By Massing PR, LLC

    Key Message Development, Crisis Management Protocols, Company and Product Launches, Partner Collateral (e.g. Case Studies, Whitepapers, articles), Editorial Calendar Development for Forward Feature Pitching, Bi-liners, Advertorials, Articles, Corporate Positioning, Press Release Development and... Read More