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  • RAID Disk Arrays By Winchester Systems

    FlashDisk High Performance RAID Disk Arrays and EcoRAID offer a wide variety of disk arrays for performance, reliability and economy. Tiered storage solutions are easy to assemble with combinations of disk arrays for primary and secondary storage requirements. Expandable arrays offer up to... Read More
  • Ratings By Standard & Poor's

    One of the largest global credit ratings databases availablee includes coverage of more than 9,000 global issuers; 500 sovereign and global public finance entities and 18,000 structured finance transactions. Read More
  • Real Estate Risk Management Solutions By Blackburn Group Inc.

    All real estate industry participants rely heavily upon financial markets to perform their roles and to serve their constituents. The finance and delivery of risk management solutions to the industry requires consistent, accurate information to be shared confidentially across a large and... Read More
  • Records Management By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    Broadridge created a strategic alliance with Archive Systems, Inc offering one integrated solution for secure management of physical and digital records. This is a full service, offsite, business records storage solution, managing the full document lifecycle and delivering innovative technology... Read More
  • Records Management and Storage By Iron Mountain

    Iron Mountain protects and stores more records for more customers than any other company in the world. Our comprehensive records management and storage solutions anticipate and address the needs of more than 120,000 customers of all sizes worldwide. Our Services empower them to manage rising... Read More
  • Recruiter's Ally By Scherrer Resources, Inc.

    Recruiter's Ally Provides Innovative Recruiting Software, Staffing Software, and Onboarding Software. Recruiter's Ally is a leading provider of cutting edge recruiting software, onboarding software, and staffing software solutions for Staffing, Corporate HR, and Recruitment Process... Read More
  • Redi2 Revenue Manager™ By Redi2 Technologies

    Redi2’s Revenue Manager™ manages the fee billing process, including client setup, multi-currency fee, and accrual calculations, revenue reconciliation and invoicing. STREAMLINE OPERATIONS WITH EFFICIENT FEE BILLING AUTOMATION Revenue Manager features a user-friendly interface and user-definable... Read More
  • Redline Pre-Trade Risk Solution By Redline Trading Solutions, Inc.

    In less than one microsecond, the Redline Pre-Trade Risk Solution performs a comprehensive series of risk checks, verifications, and control actions in accordance with Rule15c3-5, providing reliable, compliant results. The Redline Pre-Trade Risk Solution works with the Redline Execution Gateway,... Read More
  • Remote Hands By Sidera Networks

    Reliable and Experienced Technicians, When and Where You Need Them Sidera's Remote Hands services can range from emergency response trouble shooting and on-site technical assistance to scheduled equipment installation and circuit cross connections. The Remote Hands service is tailored to meet... Read More
  • Repair Services By SingleSource Communications

    Singlesource Communications can offer repair/exchange service for products from most major telecom manufacturers. We specialize in microwave radio repair on products by Proxim Lynx™, Glenayre™, Western Multiplex™, and Alcatel MDR. We also do repair services on products from the following... Read More
  • Repertoire By Artisan Software

    Front Office Access . Commission Summary Graph . Commission Statement Review . Trade Summary Search and Detail Inquiry . Client Registration & Profile Inquiry . Client Contact Information Update . Document View & Image Upload . House-holding View & Update . Licensing Renewal & Carrier... Read More
  • Report Attender By Sherpa Software

    Report Attender is a data analysis tool designed to help organizations answer critical questions about the content, age, size, and importance of electronically stored information. This stand-alone application gathers and distills important details to identify the items that are stored in your... Read More
  • Reporting By STP Investment Services

    Reporting and data management often are the biggest challenges for firms today as multiple systems and resources are involved. STP understands these challenges and issues and has the expertise and platform that clients can easily plug into to realize improved accuracy, timeliness, and better... Read More
  • Requirements: Vision-driven Analysis & Design By RDT Consulting Group, LLC

    The RDT Consulting Group engages with key stakeholders to hone the vision and goals of each new initiative. RDT develops top quality system and process requirements and design documents, driven by the shared vision and informed by years of targeted experience. RDT-crafted designs help launch... Read More
  • Research, Consulting & Related Offerings By Frost & Sullivan

    Frost & Sullivan offers growth solutions that pack a powerful one-two punch: Our disciplined research empowers your team with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions, and our best practices ensure your execution is creative, cost effective, and efficient. Many clients start with our Growth... Read More
  • ResolutionPro By Hedgebook

    Resolution is the creator of ResolutionPro a toolkit for the valuation, risk management and hedge accounting of financial derivatives. Coverage includes interest rate swaps, swaptions, caps, floors, fx options, commodity options, and equity derivatives. ResolutionPro is available as an Excel... Read More
  • RETAIL DEPOSIT BAGS By SureTraxx Cash Management Systems, Inc.

    SECUR-PAK™, FRAUDSTOPPER™ and FRAUDSTOPPER ICE™ retail deposit bags are the smart choice for the safe transfer of currency, checks and other valuables. These 2-pocket tamper-evident bags are unique innovations featuring self-contained, individually sealed pouches divided by a perforation. For... Read More
  • Retirement Services By Enterprise Iron - Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.

    The retirement industry has seen dramatic change over the past two decades – financial firms who began offering administration services for defined contribution plans are now offering full benefit outsourcing to include the administration of defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans,... Read More
  • Revenue Modeling and Forecasting Analytics By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    Key Features: -Forecast using actual client and billing date for more accurate modeling and "what-if" projections -Calculate a formula based on a rate of growth and create a variance report between forecast and actuals -Allows modeling to be performed against limitless categories, for... Read More
  • REVPORT Product Overview By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    Key Benefits: -Provides CFO with full visibility of billing operations -Moves fee billing to an exeveption-based operational model -Increases automation and reduces operational costs -Raises the level of quality by eliminating missing, inaccurate or late billing (fee leakage) -Improves cash... Read More
  • Risk Analysis By InteliClear LLC

    Risk analysis for account(s) real or potential market exposure and margin requirements. The real-time processing of balances, margin and linked positions, when combined with real-time portfolio valuations, can provide the tools to perform vital risk analysis in an efficient manner. "What... Read More
  • Risk Engineering & Risk Loss Control Services By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group, Inc. offers risk analytics and loss control support services to various self-insurers, insurers, and reinsurers in the Property, Casualty, and Workers Compensation risk and claim businesses. Our RiskPro products and services include: Comprehensive education, training, and... Read More
  • Risk Management By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group, Inc. offers comprehensive risk management services and solutions that allow organizations to identify, prioritize, and effectively manage all of their risks. An Enterprise Risk Management approach is intended to integrate risk solutions into all aspects of the business and... Read More
  • RiskGate By InfoReach, Inc.

    The risk limits component is embedded in InfoReach Trade Management (TMS) and HiFREQ systems. It provides risk assessment of every order request and ensures compliance with preconfigured firm-specific trading constraints. Risk compliance covers orders originated manually, algorithmically, via... Read More
  • Roaming solutions By Roamware

    Roamware's voice and data roaming solutions are installed in over 460 mobile operators networks across more than 150 countries and generate incremental revenues for mobile operators, whilst increasing their operational efficiencies and reduce subscriber churn. Roamware has a number of roaming... Read More
  • Rubex by eFileCabinet By eFileCabinet, Inc.

    Rubex by eFileCabinet automates the flow of documents with advanced OCR and workflow tools that keep files moving through your organization and files them in a system that’s built around how your business operates. EASE OF USE An intuitive interface keeps the user’s documents at the forefront,... Read More
  • Rugged RAID Disk Arrays By Winchester Systems

    Rugged, COTS and Mobile RAID Disk Arrays are designed for harsh environments and field transport. Originally designed for the US Army for mobile and stationary deployment, these rugged disk arrays are suitable for a variety of applications including military, first responders, field... Read More
  • Rugged Servers By Winchester Systems

    FlashServer Rugged and COTS Servers are designed for harsh environments and field transport and as a perfect companion product for FlashDisk Rugged and COTS RAID Disk Arrays. Originally designed for the US Army for mobile and stationary deployment, these servers are suitable for a variety of... Read More