SIX Telekurs

River Bend Center, One Omega Drive, Building 3
Stamford, CT 06907

About SIX Telekurs

Since 1930, Telekurs has focused delivering the world’s farthest-reaching securities data services. Our commitment hasn’t wavered, and today we offer securities data solutions that help you keep a competitive edge. Telekurs’ master service actively links 1,500 data elements across more than 3.6 million securities, combining descriptive, reference and events data plus pricing in a uniquely structured, completely encoded environment that facilitates automation and STP. Telekurs’ streaming market data feeds and flexible portfolio services deliver exactly the global securities pricing information needed, exactly when it is needed.
To ensure quality, Telekurs pursues a strategy of direct data acquisition, relying on our employees in 16 countries to collect data from nearly 850 sources. Our experts in local markets ensure the highest quality data for our valuation pricing, data feeds and reference data services. Telekurs is your one source for quality global securities data.

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