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  • Asset Recovery By SingleSource Communications

    Asset Recovery – Sell Your Used Telecom Equipment Easily! At Singlesource Communications, we offer you the flexibility you need to recover the most from your decommissioned telecom inventory. We offer several options to help you manage your excess and de-installed telecom equipment, including... Read More
  • Access Insight - Access Intelligence Engine By SecureAuth

    Access Insight is the industry's first Access Intelligence solution designed to help organizations identify, quantify and manage risk — seeing not only where the risk resides, but the level of risk as well. Access Insight constantly analyzes IAM and other security data from access governance,... Read More
  • Access Risk Management Suite By SecureAuth

    In today's dynamic business environment, it's critical for organizations to protect themselves on all fronts — on-premise, mobile, cloud and virtual environments. Courion takes Access Risk Management to the next level, providing organizations with a comprehensive, best practices solution for... Read More
  • Account Processing Solutions By Fiserv Investment Services

    Whether your organization is a bank, credit union or thrift, processing account-based transactions is at the very heart of your business. Each transaction is a reference point that reflects the speed, service, efficiency and overall competitiveness of your organization. When you get account... Read More
  • AccountCourier - User Account Provisioning By SecureAuth

    AccountCourier delivers rapid business impact through automated user provisioning more rapidly and with less risk than competing solutions. AccountCourier is based on a flexible, standards-based platform that leverages existing technology investments without forcing your organization to change... Read More
  • Accounting By VestServe

    Key Features: - Portfolio contribution and attribution - Compute returns in various currencies - Yield curve analysis Read More
  • Accounting & Administration By STP Investment Services

    Our Accounting and Administration department is on the cutting edge of straight-through processing and is always focused on our clients’ specific needs to help you grow your business! Accounting and Valuation Services We leverage technology innovation, proven methodologies and a variety of... Read More
  • ACORD AL3 Editor Software (AEV) By Terrace Software, Inc.

    Terrace AEV is a handy desktop file editor for opening, viewing and editing AL3 files. ACORD AL3 files are organized in a multi-level dynamically formatted manner which makes editing and viewing cumbersome. AEV uses the ACORD AL3 standard to properly parse and segment this data in an easy to... Read More
  • Act4Advisors By Act4Advisors

    Act4Advisors is a customized Sage ACT! database designed specifically for investment advisors and financial planners who use the Sage ACT! CRM software. All of ACT!'s client management features are retained including notes, histories, calendar and task list, groups, mail merging, Outlook... Read More

    ACTICO Rules enables companies to decouple their business logic from applications and processes. Business users can change business logic whenever needed and independent of IT release cycles. The result: greater business agility, efficiency and traceability. Read More
  • ACTIV Content Platform By ACTIV Financial Systems, Inc.

    The foundation of ACTIV’s solutions is a modern high performance content collection and dissemination architecture flexible enough to meet your individual business needs. From ultra-low-latency through enterprise distribution, its core components include: High-performance middleware... Read More
  • Active Data Calendar By Active Data, Inc.

    Active Data Exchange has been providing web-based calendaring, event marketing, event registration, and information broadcasting solutions since 1999. Our flagship product, Active Data Calendar, allows for events to be managed from initial marketing of the event, booking of facilities and... Read More
  • Active position management By SunGard

    It's a bumpy road ahead: volatility is the new reality. 'Buy and hold' is history. As markets cover more ground, thousands of scenarios come into play. How do you react? Front Arena takes real-time position management to a new level. Dynamic Position Control reveals all market risks and... Read More
  • ACTIVFeed & ACTIVFeed Direct By ACTIV Financial Systems, Inc.

    ACTIV delivers high-performance, low-latency feeds in a variety of delivery models to meet your specific requirements. All ActivFeed delivery models have identical interface to your applications. One API delivering the same high quality and fully-enriched data. The only difference is where you... Read More
  • Activu Services By Activu Corporation

    Activu engineering team is comprised of specialized systems engineers who have been designing and building large-scale visualization and collaboration solutions for over twenty years. Today, Activu is the largest provider of control room display wall systems in the USA and has been honored with... Read More
  • Activu Visualization and Collaboration Solutions By Activu Corporation

    Activu designs, builds and supports large-scale visualization and collaboration solutions in the command and control room. Our custom designed turnkey, net-centric information video display wall solutions are powered by our market-leading Activu control room software, and use... Read More
  • Adaptiv 360 By SunGard

    Adaptiv 360 provides pricing and trade capture across multiple asset classes. It has a robust middle office risk engine that calculates metrics consistently and provides comprehensive, audited life cycle processing. The back office functionality is customizable, extensible, and has fully... Read More
  • Adaptiv Analytics By SunGard

    Adaptiv Analytics provides a framework for distributing complex portfolio-level risk calculations across a grid of servers thus allowing a bank to meet stringent business timing requirements. By utilising modern technologies the solution supports extensibility in trade and portfolio models... Read More
  • Adaptiv Collateral By SunGard

    Adaptiv Collateral collects and measures counterparty credit exposures to determine accurate collateral requirements in real- time. It then helps you meet outstanding exposure responsibilities, record new positions and notify people and systems across the organisation. Too many departments... Read More
  • Adaptiv Credit Risk By SunGard

    Adaptiv Credit Risk measures, manages and controls counterparty credit exposure in real-time, cross-asset and globally. The system supports a global limits regime which releases great operational efficiencies for the bank. Process automation further improves user productivity. Read More
  • Adaptiv Operations By SunGard

    Adaptiv Operations builds on SunGard’s strength and wealth of experience in the operations area, providing back office modules that offer organizations an unprecedented level of proactive operations management and process control from the front through to the back office. Adaptiv Operations... Read More
  • ADM Services By MFXchange US, Inc.

    Our dedicated IT consulting team of operational and technical professionals can deliver comprehensive remote infrastructure technical support that keeps you competitive around the clock. With overnight support, turnaround times become seamless, helping to improve efficiency and response times to... Read More
  • Advent Portfolio Exchange® By SS&C Advent Software

    For over 800 asset managers, wealth managers and family offices around the world,the game-changing solution is Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX), the first integrated portfolio management and client relationship management solution. And the first to span the entire enterprise—front, middle, and... Read More
  • Advisor Reports By Albridge Solutions

    Albridge Advisor Reports provide financial professionals with business intelligence that helps them manage and grow their businesses more efficiently. Financial professionals can quickly gain perspective on their books of business, identify asset gathering/business building opportunities,... Read More
  • Advisor's Ally By Scherrer Resources, Inc.

    Advisor's Ally- Practice Management Software for Fee-Based Advisors. Advisor's Ally enhances the productivity of the global investment professional by providing a superior workflow solution, combining distinctive CRM technology, content, and unmatched service to improve practice management in... Read More
  • ADVISORY By Sapient Global Markets

    Strategy Alignment Subject Matter Expertise Organizational Design and Change Management Process and Architecture Definition Program Management Training Read More
  • AFS Syndications By Automated Financial Systems, Inc. -- AFS

    AFSVision’s seamless, straight-through process offers real-time support of syndicated and participated lending, without having to increase your resources.Automated processing and global support. The syndications capability in AFSVision offers real-time servicing and administration automation to... Read More
  • Albridge Data Warehouse By Albridge Solutions

    When financial organizations have proven ways to organize, access and analyze data, they become more effective and productive. Albridge Data Warehousing helps our clients by centralizing many types of data into one enterprise repository. It eliminates information silos scattered across the... Read More
  • Albridge Sales Practice Monitoring By Albridge Solutions

    As regulators increase their focus on sales practices and suitability, financial organizations need more powerful tools for monitoring field activities—from fee-based planning to client suitability. Albridge Sales Practice Monitoring, powered by Actimize, draws from multi-custodial data across... Read More
  • Albridge Wealth Reporting By Albridge Solutions

    Albridge Wealth Reporting is a portfolio management system integrating portfolio accounting and performance reporting to deliver an accurate, single view of all of your clients' assets. Albridge consolidates client account data from hundreds of disparate sources-proprietary, banking, brokerage,... Read More
  • Algo Store By OptionsCity Software, Inc.

    Algo Store is an online algorithm repository and collaborative environment that provides a market for traders and developers to create, purchase, and download trading algorithms, available at Through Algo Store, third-party developers are able to write and sell their... Read More
  • Algorithmic Trading Solutions By CompatibL Technologies

    CompatibL offers a range of high frequency algorithmic trading solutions for equities. Depending on the client preferences, such solutions may include the following features: • Extensive library of trading algorithms (pre-defined strategies represented as .NET class libraries) interconnected... Read More
  • AlphaSense By AlphaSense

    AlphaSense, the first search engine custom built for investors, helps you to instantly find critical data points and connect the dots across data hiding within millions of research documents. AlphaSense multiplies your research bandwidth and expands your radar, allowing you to focus on making... Read More
  • AlphaVision for Bloomberg By Aqumin LLC

    AlphaVision™ adds a fast, 3D interactive landscape to your Bloomberg terminals. Instead of looking at one ticker at a time, AlphaVision™ for Bloomberg lets you see all tickers, grouped the way you want all of the time. Unlike anything before, AlphaVision™ creates a visual interactive... Read More
  • AMS360 By Vertafore

    AMS360 from Vertafore is the most advanced and cost-effective agency management system for independent insurance agencies of all sizes. It delivers powerful tools that streamline workflow, improve productivity, provide a complete view of your business, and much more. Because when you spend less... Read More
  • Analytics By Robert E. Nolan Company

    Nolan provides services designed specifically to help insurers effectively adopt and manage analytic capabilities across the enterprise. These include: INSURANCE ANALYTICS ANALYTICS MATURITY MODEL REVIEW EFFECTIVELY APPLYING ANALYTIC CAPABILITIES ANALYTICS AS AN ENTERPRISE SERVICE Read More
  • ANALYTICS By Sapient Global Markets

    Industry Benchmarks - Derivatives - Commodities - Distressed - Wealth Audits and Process Reviews Benchmark Driven Roadmaps Trade and Portfolio Valuations Read More
  • Analytics By VestServe

    Key Features: - Automatically projects cash flows and valuations user chooses, enabling “what if” and side-by-side scenario analyses - Supports required fee structures at every level - Reconcile daily activity with custodians using reports that show matched and unmatched records for correction... Read More
  • Analytics - Elements Compliance Platform by Erado By Erado

    The Elements™ of a Comprehensive Compliance Automation Platform. Our compliance platform takes you to the site. Our automated supervisory and compliance service utilizes deep-scan technology to search email, email attachments, instant messages, Bloomberg Mail, and social media posts for your... Read More
  • Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER By Angoss Software Corporation

    KnowledgeSEEKER® is a powerful data mining solution which offers data profiling, advanced data visualization and decision tree capabilities that enable both business and expert users to segment attributes and determine relationships between variables in large business data... Read More
  • Angoss KnowledgeSTUDIO By Angoss Software Corporation

    KnowledgeSTUDIO® is an advanced data mining and predictive analytics suite for all phases of the model development and deployment cycle - profiling, exploration, modeling, implementation, scoring, validation, monitoring and building scorecards - all in a high performance visual... Read More
  • Angoss StrategyBUILDER By Angoss Software Corporation

    StrategyBUILDER™ is an additional module for KnowledgeSEEKER® and KnowledgeSTUDIO® and offers the ability to design, verify, and deploy the necessary predictive and business rules to execute your sales, marketing or risk strategies. StrategyBUILDER is widely used by marketing, sales and risk... Read More
  • AnthillPro By Urbancode Inc

    AnthillPro offers the only complete Enterprise Continuous Integration platform to get your builds and deployments under control: Replace manual script-driven bottlenecks with web-based self-service automation. Provide agility & control in harmony with fast feedback and audit trails. Customers in... Read More
  • Apex: A next generation global solution for front, middle and back office processing of securities By SunGard

    Securities finance is unlike any other market. The many nuances and variations of this largely bi-lateral, cross-market business make it a challenging process for IT to address. Agreeing a ‘trade’ is only part of the picture, the operational lifecycle of multiple securities finance... Read More
  • Application Architecture By Wipro Limited

    Wipro's Architecture Service helps take your business strategies to execution. We provide comprehensive Architecture services that help you deliver digital business by design, and not as an afterthought. Our Application Architecture Service helps you: Increase value of applications... Read More
  • Application Performance Management By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    Nastel AutoPilot M6 provides 360 degree situational awareness™ across both the distributed and mainframe tiers. It can improve the performance of your applications, help squeeze the stealth waste out of your business processes and prevent problems before they put you out of business. The... Read More
  • Applications Performance Management By XO Communications

    Applications performance management solutions from XO Communication will allow you to better control your business network across your entire business in order for you to receive all the benefits of your WAN investments. To learn more about cloud computing services from XO Communications, visit... Read More
  • Archive Attender for Exchange By Sherpa Software

    Archive Attender is a full-featured data archiving solution designed to selectively move or copy messages from Exchange mailboxes and PST files to any storage device on the network. Archive Attender policies support a flexible range of criteria to support a wide variety of retention... Read More
  • Archiving - Elements Compliance Platform by Erado By Erado

    Email Archiving and Journaling Hosted Email Archiving utilizes industry standard journaling technology. All incoming, outgoing, and internal emails are instantly captured and securely delivered. Social Media Archiving and Journaling Erado’s Social Media Archiving service captures wall... Read More
  • Archiving & Compliance for Salesforce Chatter® By Smarsh

    Smarsh Archiving & Compliance for Salesforce Chatter® enables organizations to capture, preserve, search, supervise and produce Chatter files and communications in support of compliance, recordkeeping and e-discovery initiatives. Now organizations will have peace of mind with their archiving and... Read More
  • Argo Matching Engine By Argo SE, Inc.

    Our high capacity/low latency matching engine implements fast price-time priority and pro-rata order matching algorithm, industry standard FIX-based interfaces for order management, inside market and market depth distribution facility, and RDBMS-based order history storage. It is being... Read More
  • Argo Messaging System By Argo SE, Inc.

    Argo Reliable Multicast (RMCast) is a high-performance messaging system. We have designed it to satisfy high throughput, low latency, scalability and adaptability demands of modern market data distribution and real-time risk management systems. If you are a trader, you know how important it is... Read More
  • Argo Trading Platform By Argo SE, Inc.

    Argo Trading Platform is built upon a set of quality software components such as order router/OMS, risk management server and front-end, matching engine, market data dissemination, trading front-end and C++/.NET/Restful API. These components are architected to work in concert to provide a fast... Read More
  • Asset Management By BNY Mellon

    At BNY Mellon Asset Management, our goal is to build and deliver high performing investment strategies, solutions and advice to meet your needs. It starts with our multiple, autonomous investment firms — world class specialist asset managers who together share extensive knowledge and... Read More
  • Asset-Backed Securities By SunGard

    Asset-backed securities proliferated in the boom: it's now clear that in some places there was insufficient control over many of these instruments. Front Arena for Asset Backed Securities gives you a complete workflow to help you monitor opportunities and control risks in trading. Bringing... Read More
  • Astec Analytics: Market information solutions for the global securities financing industry By SunGard

    Knowledge is power. The more you know about the dynamics of the market, the better the decisions you make. SunGard's Astec Analytics delivers valuable market information and benchmarking tools to financial institutions involved in securities borrowing and lending. Drawing on the world's most... Read More
  • Attunity CDC Suite for SSIS By Attunity Inc.

    Attunity is the leading provider of change data capture (CDC) products that capture and deliver only the changes made to enterprise data sources, enabling efficient and real-time data integration, and eliminating the need for batch processing windows. Attunity CDC products for SQL Server... Read More
  • Attunity Connect By Attunity Inc.

    Standards-based data access to relational and non-relational data sources. Attunity Connect provides out-of-the-box, real-time, standard, and seamless connectivity to a wide range of relational and non-relational data sources on platforms ranging from Windows to Mainframes. Using... Read More
  • Attunity Federate By Attunity Inc.

    Virtual data federation for Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Attunity Federate provides Enterprise Information Integration (EII) across heterogeneous data sources. Using Attunity Federate, companies can create single views of business information (e.g. Single Customer View), simplify... Read More
  • Attunity Power-Connectors for PowerPivot and SSIS By Attunity Inc.

    Ultra High Speed Connectivity for PowerPivot and SSIS Attunity provides performance-optimized connectors to enable Microsoft users with ultra-high-speed connectivity to common data sources including Oracle and Teradata. Connectors for Microsoft PowerPivot Attunity provides certified and... Read More
  • Attunity Stream By Attunity Inc.

    Log-based change data capture (CDC) for efficient, real-time data integration and event capture Attunity Stream is a log-based, real-time CDC software platform that captures and delivers only the changes made to enterprise data sources, operational and transaction systems. Attunity Stream’s... Read More
  • Automated Settlements By Talisys

    Trade order routing & management solutions from Talisys include its Automated Settlements solution. Automated Settlements electronically processes the settling of buy and sell transactions through the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC). Automated Settlements supports processing... Read More
  • Automation and processing By SunGard

    Multiple systems with ad-hoc connections and complex workflows increase costs and hide risks. How do you outmanoeuvre failed trades, operational errors and poor automation? Front Arena's configurable, event-driven, exception-monitoring processing drives automation: Position Control. One... Read More
  • AutoPilot for Cloud By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    Nastel AutoPilot provides end-to-end visibility from the datacenter to the cloud and back AutoPilot's Cloud governance technology provides the automation necessary to rapidly realize the benefits of monitoring application and transaction performance in a cloud computing environment and ensure... Read More
  • AutoPilot for Insurance By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    Improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency for the insurance industry Industry leading insurance providers are implementing Nastel AutoPilot’s Business Transaction Performance™ solution in order to ensure they can achieve their strategic goals of providing excellent customer... Read More
  • AutoPilot M6 By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    Nastel's AutoPilot M6 Suite gives you the most flexible, powerful mechanism for managing the performance of business transactions and complex composite applications. AutoPilot M6 gives you a 360° view of your entire IT environment to assure the successful and timely completion of your business... Read More
  • AutoPilot TransactionWorks By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    TransactionWorks is a Business Transaction Management (BTM) solution for monitoring the availability and performance of transactions spanning across tiers from the datacenter to the cloud. It automatically performs all of the tasks required for complete transaction message flow management.... Read More
  • AutoPilot® Heap Detective™ By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    AutoPilot® Heap Detective™ helps detect these Java memory leaks. Heap Detective gathers all memory usage information for you in a straight-forward interface in order to pinpoint your leaks. Heap Detective find all objects in Heap capturing instance count, total size and average size. It reports... Read More
  • AutoPilot® MQSonar™ By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    AutoPilot® MQSonar™ is a free tool for monitoring WebSphere MQ. MQSonar sends out a “ping”, waits for it to echo back and then analyzes the elapsed time for the message’s journey, hop-by-hop, there and back, similar to the networking tool, traceroute. Read More
  • AutoPilot® On-Demand for WebSphere MQ By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    Nastel AutoPilot® On-Demand for WebSphere MQ gives you the visibility and diagnostics you need to fix your MQ issues - all within a web browser - with absolutely no impact on production. Try it for FREE today! Read More
  • Autospreader By Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT)

    TT's Autospreader, which incorporates the patented MD Trader® interface, is the most powerful tool for spread traders. Autospreader is one of several automated trading applications build into TT's X_TRADER Pro. It helps create, manage and execute inter-product and cross-exchange spread trading... Read More
  • Autotrader By Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT)

    An increasing number of traders-—from banks to proprietary traders to hedge funds--are relying on automated tools to optimize their trades. TT’s Autotrader is one of the most powerful auto-trading products on the market. This robust, flexible tool, which is one of several automated applications... Read More
  • Axios Systems assyst By Axios Systems

    Axios Systems delivers enterprise-class Service Management Software and IT Asset Management Software to organizations in all industries across the globe. Developed as a single, cohesive application, the assyst ITSM tool enables a holistic approach to the management of IT services, allowing... Read More