Kaazing Corporation

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888 Villa St, Suite 410,
Mountain View, CA 94041
About Kaazing Corporation
  • Kaazing is the company enabling the Living Web – the dynamic, interactive online world populated by applications that are always on, always connected and always real-time. The Living Web is the successor and antidote to the legacy Web.

    At the heart of the legacy Web is HTTP, the 20-year old protocol whose unshakeable request-response model -- while ideal for the document-centric early Web -- is woefully unsuited to the real-time requirements of modern applications and their users.

    At the heart of the Living Web is Kaazing WebSocket Gateway, the world’s first high-performance Web communication platform. With Kaazing, the Living Web:
    ■Provides instantaneous data delivery with near-zero latency
    ■Slashes costs for hardware, application server software, and network bandwidth usage
    ■Allows desktop-class applications to run in browsers and on mobile devices
    ■Slashes development costs and time-to-market
    ■Delivers enterprise-grade scalability, reliability, resiliency and security
    ■Is based entirely on Web standards (read more about our benefits)

    Kaazing’s founders were major contributors to the HTML5 WebSocket specification, the standard that underlies the Kaazing platform. Kaazing WebSocket Gateway is the world's only enterprise solution for full-duplex, high-performance communication over the Web. Kaazing is helping to push the boundaries of Web and mobile application development and deployment by making massively scalable, low latency, real-time Web applications reliable and affordable
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