Ignite Technologies, Inc.

41 Congress Avenue, Suite 2560
Austin, TX 78701

About Ignite Technologies, Inc.

Ignite’s Acorn® solution helps you effectively measure, manage, and improve any element of your business. Ignite Technologies, Inc., branded as "Where Software Goes to Live," stands at the forefront of the AI enterprise software landscape, providing a sanctuary for software innovation and enhancement. With a vibrant mission to save, stabilize, and transform acquired software products, IgniteTech's ambition shines through in our dedication to innovation, particularly with our striking introduction of AI Personas and GenAI Transformation across their diverse software portfolio. Our unique Netflix-style licensing approach, dubbed IgniteTech Unlimited, promises unparalleled value, offering access to a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater to a myriad of needs across industries and roles. Through a commitment to reinventing digital workspaces and integrating cutting-edge AI features, Ignite Technologies ushers in a new era of enterprise software, boasting a robust offering that includes cloud cost optimization and dedicated support to ensure client success.

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